Wind Mitigation Inspections

How would you like to receive discounts on your homeowner’s insurance premiums? Then a Wind Mitigation Inspection (WMI) may be exactly what you need.  A WMI documents how well your home will stand up to wind forces caused by hurricanes or high wind situations, which are a common part of living in sunshiny Florida.

Your home, depending on when it was built, will have certain aspects that strengthen the resistance against wind uplift and load. A Wind Mitigation Inspection will identify and document the installed systems and components that are designed to protect your home from wind damage.  When the inspection report is presented to your insurance company, it could result in reduced premiums, if it meets their policy requirements.

The WMI can also reveal any additional actions that could be taken to  increase your home’s ability to withstand the winds of a serious storm. Be prepared- contact Precision Home & Property Inspections today to schedule your Wind Mitigation Inspection so you can be assured your home is ready to face whatever is thrown at it during the Florida hurricane season!