Vacation Home Inspections

Vacation HomeAre you considering buying a vacation home, either for use as your personal get away or as a rental?  If so, Central Florida is the perfect place to own a vacation home!   People from across the USA and from every area of the globe come here to experience both the tropical beauty of our area and the amazing entertainment of 6 major theme parks! You simply can’t pick a better place for your family to enjoy and where you can also expect to have many people renting out your home year round.

Of course, if you are considering purchasing a home for vacation or rental purposes, you want to be certain that your potential  investment home is in great condition.  That’s where Precision Home & Property Inspections comes in!  We will thoroughly examine the home you are considering for purchase to make sure you know exactly what shape it is in and can make a truly informed decision.  We know that you want to be able to enjoy your new home, not worry about it’s condition.  And if you are renting the home out to vacationers, you want them to have an enjoyable stay without the hassle of problems with the home.  With an inspection from Precision Home & Property you can rest assured that you know the true condition of your vacation home!  Call us today at (352)742-3222 to set up an inspection time so you can purchase your vacation home with peace of mind!