Manufactured Home Structural Tie-down Inspections

If you live in a manufactured home, you want to know your home is properly secured to face the Florida hurricane season.  Or maybe you are considering buying a manufactured home and your mortgage company requires an FHA Structural Tie Down evaluation on your potential new manufactured home.

In either case, Precision Home & Property Inspections can help. We work closely with an engineering firm that will be available for your specific time frame at a competitive price. The inspection and report will be completed, and submitted in a timely manner. All inspections meet the FHA/VA requirements.  Why not call Precision for an inspection today so you can know that your home is ready for Florida’s severe weather or to help speed your home-buying process along and meet your lender’s requirements?   Just contact us at (352)742-3222 and we will be glad to get things moving for you today.