4-Point Insurance Inspections

Insurance companies will generally require this selective inspection before issuing a policy on older homes, typically those 25 years or older.  This inspection covers the Roof, Heating & Air conditioning systems, Plumbing fixtures & connections and Electrical panels & wiring.

The concern of the insurance companies is that one or more of these major systems may not be in good condition and leave the company open to liability claims should damage to the home result from the malfunctioning of any of these components.

As the homeowner, you have an obvious vested interest in also learning the condition & reliability of these areas of your home: think of the tremendous financial expenditures and major inconvenience that you can face when, for instance, your roof doesn’t hold up well during a storm and allows damaging water into the home. Not only are you facing the visible water damage to ceilings, walls and floors, but there are now concerns about electrical wiring being affected and mold growth issues to contend with for many months.

Why not let a Florida Association of Home Inspectors-certified inspector from Precision Home & Property Inspections give you a complete & professional evaluation of these systems so you don’t have to worry about unexpected damage & expenses?